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Accounting Extra Credit MEMO Assignment at an Affordable Cost


Address the following items in your memo: 1. The accounting field is very broad. Research the accounting field and find a career path within accounting that is the most interesting to you. Answer the following questions: a. What kinds of jobs are in this career path? b. What is the opportunity in the field for a job (number of jobs or job growth) c. What is a typical salary for this career path? 2. After researching jobs in accounting, would you consider pursuing a career in accounting? a. If so, what skills would you need to be successful? b. If not, what career path are you currently considering? What skills will you need to be successful in your chosen career path? 
Here are a few resources to get you started:  ‐for‐students ‐experience/plan‐career/  ‐resources?ssopc=1  
Format memo using the following guidelines:  Word document  Font: Times New Roman ‐ 12 point font  Single spaced document  Minimum of 1 full page in length  Maximum of 2 pages in leng

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