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Acoustical Encounters Essay Assignment at an affordable cost


As a small child, I remember going to church. At some point, late in the service, everyone stood up, rendering my view to the backs of the adults in the hard, wood pews front of me. Inevitably, a baby or two would start to cry, and I remember looking up at the wood ceiling high above thinking that the echoing cries were magical, angelic voices. Churches today typically have “crying rooms” that silence those angelic voices of my memory.

Recall and post 2 recent “acoustical” encounters you have experienced.

It may be from a movie theatre, a concert venue, a restaurant, a classroom, or a church.

  • How was the volume?
  • Was there an echo or reverberation?
  • Did the space enhance or diminish the quality of the sound?
  • Did you recognize any modifying elements such as
    • amplified speakers
    • acoustic panels on the walls and ceiling
    • carpeting
    • upholstered furnishings o tablecloths o room shape
  • Were the acoustics satisfactory?

By the way, a recent NEW YORK TIMES article said that the louder a restaurant, the “hipper” it is. What do you think?