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Adverse Effects of POPs Questions



The purpose of this activity is to introduce you to POPs, determine the POPs effects in the human body, identify the Dirty Dozen POPs and locations in which they can be found, and finally to identify methods to reduce everyday exposure to POPs.


First, for this activity, please ensure you read the following:

Secondly in a Word document, please answer in complete sentences the following questions:

  1. What is endocrine disruption and what can cause it?
  2. List three (3) adverse effects of POPs in the human body.
  3. What are flame retardants? List five (5) products on which flame retardants are applied or added to.
  4. In which ways people are exposed to flame retardants and what can be done to reduce this exposure?
  5. List three (3) potential health effects associated with the exposure to flame retardants.
  6. From the list of “Dirty Dozen,” select two (2) chemicals that you have been exposed to and for each one, explain how you are/were/can be exposed to this substance. Please take picture of this substance or the material that contains the chemical and upload it along with your Word document.
    HINT: You may use the following websites to locate chemicals that you may have been exposed to through the foods that you eat, the materials that are in your house, or the items that you use for personal care.
    i. Guidelines for Eating Fish from Georgia Waters [Revised 2020]
    ii. https://www.ewg.org/skindeep/
    iii. http://www.smartlabel.org/
    iv. https://blog.givingassistant.org/dirty-dozen-clean-15-list/
  7. Now that you have determined that you are exposed to these two (2) substances, I want you to tell me what could happen as a result of the exposure to this chemical.
  8. Give examples of two (2) actions that can be taken in order to avoid or reduce your exposure to each chemical.

Please remember you should submit documents as JPG, PDF, RTF, PNG, DOC and DOCX only. Other formats will not be accepted. Incorrect submission formats could impact your grade.