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African studies discussion Assignment at an affordable cost


Note, for your future papers, how to cite a Youtube clip in Works Cited or Reference page.

Telecommers 13. (August 20, 2017). Twelve years a slave: Best Scene [Youtube or Video]. 

Citation includes: The name of the uploader or group or person, , date (month, date, year) URL of video.

Assignment (keep the prompt and write under each one) Click on link above to submit this assignment:

1. From the Smedley and Smedley reading, write down the definition of racialized science.

2. From the article, write down the definition of racial ideology, name at least two characteristics of the six racial characterisics 

3. Taking from the article, what is the difference between race and ethnicity? Provide the definition for each.

4. Summarize or quote what the authors say about their approach to race from a historical/anthropological perspective.