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American Government Discussion assignment at an affordable cost


Hello, can u reply to 1 student post…

Student post:

Since the civil rights case is based on the Fourteenth Amendment and refers to the government, it can’t treat one group of people differently. As stated in the lecture, we are granted full U.S & state citizenship to all people born or naturalized in the U.S. Included being guaranteed “equal protection of the laws”. I don’t know how to feel on this, for example, George Floyd with the police, Ahmaud Arbery, while jogging, and many others. It’s scary because you don’t know if it’ll be your day that you’re getting accused of something or missing/ dead, especially when you’re a different race. This is a bit of a discussion that is hard to have because some may agree and others will disagree. Sometimes you can’t stop yourself from thinking, “would my life be ‘better’ if I was a different race?”, and other various things. This chapter video lecture can open some people’s eyes and remind them what the Fourteenth Amendment is truly about.

Student Post:

It is very hard for everyone to have equality because everyone discriminate each other. Society separate us and divided us and it is hard for us to come together as one. It is not the government fault or any law, it is us the people. It is hard to change a person mind because their is many other just like that and that the world we live in. We have came a long way to fight for equality, but we are still fighting for a change.