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Anthropology Short response assignment at an affordable cost

The objective of the reading response assignment is to prepare the discussion of the assigned
chapter. Students serving as respondents are required to write up a sort of a position statement
about their main assessment and evaluation of the respective reading. A reading response is
written under the assumption that the audience already has sufficient knowledge of the text.
The main objective is to begin a class discussion. Other than the objective form of writing, as
given in the expository writing of a short summary, the primary objective of persuasive writing
is to persuade the audience to take a side by articulating a particular position about the text and
its topic.
In writing your reading response you should try to present—to the best of your ability—
how the specific author theoretically enhances and contributes to your understanding of
anthropological research (or fails to do so)—ethnographically, theoretically and
methodologically. Your response should directly deal with the main thesis of the text and its
theoretical and methodological relevance. A response of this sort should also articulate a
theoretical or methodological position on the scope and significance of anthropological research
as outlined in the respective text. For your reading response please consider the questions as
outlined in the second part of the Critical Text Analysis Questions. Similarly, please consider
articulating pointed discussion questions which address the main thesis of the text.
Please note that you assume a general understanding of the text. Although you do not
need to present or reconstruct the specific part of the chapter you want to focus on, you need to
be able to direct the attention of the class to the specific passage(s) you want to discuss. Please
note that your reading response is primarily aimed to facilitate class discussion.
You are required to submit your reading response electronically as Microsoft Word
Document through Blackboard in the respective folder. The name of the file must begin with
your last name, followed by the name and term of the course and finished with the type of the
assignment and the date of the class—in a format that looks like the following:
Meyer_Anth 327_Fall 2021_Reading Response #1_Durkheim 1915_08-20.
Your reading response must be at least 500 words and can be up to 750 words or longer, if
needed. To receive full consideration, it must be formatted single spaced in Times New Roman,
11pt, with 1” margins on all sides for both texts and submitted in due time. On the first page to
the top left, you must include your full name, the name and term of the course, followed by the
date of submission. You also must indicate the text under review in a heading centered and in
bold font. At the end of your document, you need to indicate the word count of your reading

  • The submission of your reading response is due at midnight, 11:59 PM of the day the
    homework is due. If you do the short summary you are exempt from the homework for that
    class session.

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