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Critique three anti-corruption policies


There are three (3) questions that need to be answered, attached you will find the units (1,2, and 3) that you need to look at before answering, and the activity submission document that need to answered. When answering the questions (found in the activity submission document) please make sure that you follow the instructions and cover the following:

In this activity submission, you are required to provide a critique of the policy recommendations by using the principal–agent approach to corruption that you learnt about in this unit’s video. Ensure that each of your critiques for Questions 1, 2, and 3 cover the following points:

·       Identify which element of the principal–agent approach to corruption the
anti-corruption policy addresses. Refer to the video in Unit 3 to review this theory.

·       Highlight some of the strengths and weaknesses of the policy approach.

·       Make recommendations to improve the policy by targeting other elements of the principal–agent approach.

·       Ensure that in your answers you demonstrate an understanding of the elements of the principal–agent approach to corruption and how they relate to the anti-corruption policy provided in the question.

P.S. please note that you have to follow the instructions in activity submission document (attached), the answers should be posted on the activity submission document under each respective question, and there should be a reference and citation for each question.

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