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Anti Slavery Movement Discussion

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Temperance Movement

Antislavery Movement

Women’s Rights Movement

Second Great Awakening

New Religious Groups

Or choose your own – and ask DrG for permission first

Must use examples from the textbook, lectures, and a primary source in your answer. All three. Any post without examples from all 3 will receive 0. Your post will also cite all 3. Primary sources can be found in the Textbook Reader, module resources, or you can ask Dr.G.

4) There are no quotes allowed. All work must be reworded (or paraphrased) into your own words. Any assignment with quotes gets 0.

5) All work will be uploaded into Canvas. All work will be run through a plagiarism checker for original content. Any copying or pasting from the internet will be given a grade of 0, and possible expulsion from the course. You have passed a plagiarism quiz and know how to avoid it. If unsure, ask Dr.G. There is no excuse for plagiarism, and it will not be tolerated. 

Read Chapter 10 in American YAWP Textbook

Read Primary Sources from American YAWP Reader

David Walker pg 193

William Llyod Garrison pg 195

Angelina Grimke pg 197

Sarah Grimke pg 199

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