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Antigone Assignment at an Affordable Cost


  1. Creon claims that the rule of the king must be obeyed even if it’s wrong because otherwise there is destined to be anarchy and chaos which can destroy a society. Does the play agree or disagree with Creon? Discuss.
  2. Evidence and support must include direct quotations from the play.
    • The play itself should be your only source for this paper, therefore the Works Cited page should show only the MLA formatted version of the play that you use.
    • This is a formal essay and therefore should NOT include first person or second person pronouns (I, we, our, you, your, etc.).
    • Your thesis statement (last statement in your introductory paragraph) must be specific, in focus and use a good verb(s)!  Don’t write, for example, something like: “In Antigone, strength of will is shown in Antigone, Creon, and Haemon.”
    • Grammar, spelling, punctuation, and proofreading are paramount! There is no excuse – with a week to work on this, especially – to have any errors here

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