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Apple Inc Case Analysis Paper


Your papers must integrate the course contents as well as your capstone knowledge of business. Be sure to cover all portions adequately. A 9-page paper, for example, that focuses on the SWOT analysis and does not adequately directly the strategic issue or recommendation will be reflected in your grade.

Topics covered throughout the course to include: SWOT analysis, Porter’s five forces, 5 Why’s root cause analysis, strategic issues & recommendations & consequences to recommendations.

When writing the report, organize your thoughts to include these sections, and include all these headings, in this order:

? Table of contents: Detail the contents of your paper and reference the page numbers. This page does not count towards your minimum required number of pages. 

? Executive Summary: This is a one-page summary that is written after completing the entire report. It provides a brief overview of the company, the strategic issue it is facing, your recommendation to remedy the strategic issue, an implementation plan and the primary analytical findings that support your recommendation. Guidance on writing an executive summary is provided on Canvas.  The executive summary does not count toward the number of pages required.

? Introduction: Identify or infer the organization’s current mission, major business objectives, and strategies. Evaluate the effectiveness or appropriateness of these strategies and how well or poorly the organization has performed in meeting those objectives. This is where page 1 begins. Number it as such.

? Analysis of the External Environment: Analyze the important factors, trends, and probable future conditions which may justify the pursuit of key opportunities and avoidance of potential threats.

? Analysis of the Internal Analysis: What are the organization’s strengths and weaknesses? What are the company’s core competences? Consider the different company functions such as marketing, finance, production and operations, technology and intellectual property. 

? Major Strategic Issue: Based on your analysis, what is the one most important issue facing the company?

? Recommended Strategy: Make the case for an original or pre-determined (if the case already has determined a course of action) strategy that you think holds promise for the company’s future success.

Be sure to identify the strategy the company is currently using and which you think it should be using.

Be sure to formulate a BHAG which envisions the firm’s long-term future and several long, intermediate and short-term strategies which align with the attainment of that BHAG. Remember, you must identify a strategy that is broad in nature – differentiation based, cost based, and focus based.

? Implementation of Strategy: Include the incremental recommendations that will support the broad strategy. Include the tactics by which you hope to achieve your recommended strategy. Be sure to focus on short and intermediate term goals.

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