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Apple Technology Company Discussion assignment at an affordable cost


 write a brief paper using web-based research on a company  of their choice (i.e., any company with a website [i.e., public, private, for/non-profit]).  Requirements and grading  of the WBR are noted below.  The WBR Paper is worth 10% of the total course grade.  •  The primary source of your paper should be the company’s own website for the company of your choice.   A “Google search” about the company is not the same – the objective here is for you to review information that the company shares online to better understand the company’s operations.  This  approach might be something you would likely do if you had the opportunity to interview for a job with  that company, in order to better prepare for an interview.  Research beyond the company website and  our text is not required, and actually not recommended – this is your opportunity to learn critical skills to  align your school work and learnings with application in the “real world.”. 

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