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Arcor: Global Strategy and Local Turbulence


Essays must not exceed 2-pages, double spaced, 1-inch margins, 12 point Arial font, and must have the Student Name/Section in the Header. You may have additional 2-pages for graphs or charts and 1-page for a work-cited page.

Using the readings up till Class 20 and the readings for the Arcor case to answer the following questions:•What is Arcor’s competitive advantage and how will it help it enter potential markets?–Low-cost leader or differentiator (1st Mover, 2nd Mover, Niche) (5 pts)–Late mover advantages (benchmark vs confront) (5 pts)–Is Arcor an Emerging Giant? (10 pts)–ADDING Value Scorecards (10 pts)•What entry strategy should Arcor select, with which products (chocolate vs hard candy), and where should it go?–Impact of Distance (5 pts)–Better Off Test—Supply or Demand-Side Scope (5 pts)–Ownership Test—Should Arcor be a Multinational (10 pts)–Economic Analysis of a potential market (10 pts)

Clarity & Language/Other Cases & Concepts (20 pts each)