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Argumentive essay: problems in wisconsin



You will write an argument essay(1000-1500) that stems from a problem or issue that you feel needs to be resolved in the Wisconsin community. Research the problem, present credible supportive evidence of the problem, and argue for your solution. Convince the reader to think, believe, and do as you propose, you will use logical information, evidence, and examples and various methods of appeal–credibility, emotion, and logic–to influence the reader. 

Wisconsin Focus: Choose a local issue or problem that is currently impacting Wisconsin communities (neighborhood, city, county, or state). Do not use the Covid-19 pandemic. There are so many other problems that still exist throughout Wisconsin. 

Topic: Do your best to address the topic from a unique, thought-provoking, and innovative perspective. Avoid overexposed topics and arguments like marijuana legalization or global warming. Address issues in your district and neighborhood (in my neighborhood–in the city of Milwaukee–potholes, littering/dumping, and residential speeding are huge issues).

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