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Art Definition of Architecture Reflection Paper


 write a definition of what architecture is to you. 

  • Has your definition changed since the beginning of the semester? Do you look at buildings and spaces differently now?
  • This project may be presented creatively (collage, figure/ground organization, Photoshop, poetry, etc.), but remember, ultimately we are looking for a definition.

this is what I wrote at the beginning of the class

Architecture entails the designs of buildings, structures, facilities, cities, and towns. Architecture produces realistic, aesthetic, and functional artworks as it focuses on the modeling of volumes, space, mass, materials, texture, programs, and light. Architecture combines various things in a way that they produce a functional and realistic product. An architect and an engineer work together to produce the desired design in a way that is it is safe for humans. The difference between an architect and an engineer is that the architect is concerned about a structure’s look, whereas an engineer is concerned about a structure’s safety. An architect envisions a structure while an engineer figures material to use in the execution of the architect’s ideas by applying scientific and mathematical principles to accomplish the project. The architectural designs vary from one project to another depending on the site, climate, materials, budget, and society around. Architecture entails the realization of ideas and concepts as it helps to put them in real experiences. For example, architecture can be about buildings and or how people are expected to use a building or a facility. Architecture encompasses the ability to imagine and order ideas and to communicate them in an orderly manner. It incorporates the concepts of human behavior, the natural environment, and the human habitat as well as human solving skills.