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Art Exhibition Discussion Assignment at an affordable cost


IMAGINE you have a budget to curate an art show! 

You are going to describe, in as much detail as you can muster,  what your ideal show would be.

First, Review all of the content in module six, because this module is filled with tons of information tucked into the six short “pages”

Be as professional as possible and tell me ( and everyone in the class) about the show you are curating.

REMEMBER YOU ARE THE CURATOR, not representing yourself.. but  putting together an exhibibit to showcase the work of others.

This is an imaginary show, but I want you to think of some real variables, for instance: 

Will your show/exhibition have a theme? ( if yes, what would that be)

Will your show/exhibition have the work of several artists? Or promote the work of just one artist?

Will the show  be  a ” retrospective,”  looking back over the historical scope of an artist, or a new ” collection” of work never seen by the public?

Write a little bit about why you are interested in this artist, ( or these artists)  or the style or genre, or medium.

Basically, why are you compelled to put this collection together(  besides the fact that your grade this week depends on doing so).  

I’d love if you are able to research and choose artists who you admire, who are alive today.  Let me know WHO they are!

Will you represent local artists, regional, or from other places, other  cultures far from where we are now.

  • It’s ok if you want your show to be artists who are deceased if you have some artists in mind.
  • Where will you host your show/exhibition ?  Describe in detail anything about the space that you can.  ( It’s ok to describe a real space or something you can imagine as an ideal space for your show/exhibition .  Will you show in a conventional gallery, or ” non-conventional” space?
  • How will you promote  the show/exhibition ?
  • Will you create a pamphlet or catalog of art for historical purposes?
  • What kind of opening or closing reception will you host? Will you cater the event? What will you serve?

What do you expect to achieve as a result of this show? 

If you can think of anything else,  like perhaps insert afew images of the art you are showcasing that would be great.

  • If you want to create a pdf to upload this week, or powerpoint,  that is fine too. Otherwise,  you can  write in the text block below.

But I do think this week, you might need to do a bit writing outside of the portal, and copy the text after you have completed the task.

  • I truly do look forward to reading your posts this week!  I think it will be exciting to see where your curiosity or your passion will lead you as you decide the ” who, what, and where, and why ”  in  curating your imaginary show!