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2 separate thesis essay (Art history)


#1 thesis essay 

First, read these two articles that describe the sale of Leonardo’s Salvator Mundi for $450 million dollars, and one point of view of how Florentine “genius” has been depicted on film:

  1. “Why would anyone pay $450 million dollars for a painting” (Links to an external site.)
  2.  Donahue, “Florentine Artists on Film” (files attached as pdf)

Then, write a 300 word essay that makes use of the articles “Florentine Artists on Film” and “Why Would Anybody Pay $450 million for a Painting?”, as well as the videos and texts about Leonardo and Michelangelo’s art.

Make sure to include a thesis, or central argument.  Your thesis could be “It is/is not ludicrous to pay $450 million dollars for a painting because….”

 In your essay, please address these following questions:

  1. Do you think that Salvator Mundi is worth $450 million dollars?
  2. Why do you think an anonymous buyer wanted this painting so much?
  3. What is a common paradigm of artistic genius, and how does that confer value on the painting?
  4. Can you think of a contemporary genius from the world of art, entertainment, politics, athletics, etc. that fits that paradigm of genius that was applied to Michelangelo and Leonardo?

#2 thesis essay

Read Linda Nochlin’s article “Why Have There Been  No Great Women Artists?” ((files attached as pdf)) in a careful and thorough manner.

As you read Nochlin’s Essay, consider these questions:

  1.  What are some specific structural barriers that prohibited women from becoming artists before the contemporary era?
  2. What are some reasons that Nochlin gives that explain why a few women were able to circumvent the patriarchy to become professional artists?
  3. What are some notions and ideas that have privileged men as artists?

Write a 2-3 page (500 words) paper that considers the three questions listed above.  Take care to include a thesis statement, or argument, in the introduction.  Your thesis does not have to be limited to a single sentence, and should include some of the thoughts you have pertaining to the prompt questions.  Use the introduction to state the thesis that you will defend in the body paragraphs.

In the body paragraphs, include quotations from Nochlin’s article that support your arguments.  Include the citation like this: (Nochlin, page #).  

In the conclusion, summarize your argument, and remind the reader of the points you made to support your thesis.  

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