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Article Abstract Presentation assignment at an affordable cost

Formatting for Written Assignments:

All paper submissions must use APA style guidelines (if youuse anotherstyle -even ifit iscorrect inthat style, you will lose points) and be grammatically acceptable, double-spaced, left margin, Times New Roman size 12, further, all submissions must be Microsoft Word documents (if you submit a .pdf file youwill lose points) and include page numbers. Cite all in-text quotes to help colleagues find your sources.You areexpected touse Headingsand subheadingsto clarifyeach sectionof thepaper.

Examples of headings and subheadings:
Elements of the Life Course Perspective / The future shaped by the past

Agencyand personaldecision-making
Timingof lifeexperiences
Theinfluences ofhistorical eventsand geographicallocation
Linkedlives andsocial ties(recognizingvariability amongcohorts)
Individualdevelopment andaging arelifelong processes

Papersshould beformatted witha header(left-justified) thatincludes studentname, assignmentand coursenumber. Torestate, allassignments willbe entitledas follows:
Your name (last name, first name) Assignment (e.g. Sarton book assignment)

Abstracts (no more than 1-2 pages in length, double-spaced):

Please use the following format, exactly, to write your abstracts:

FullAPA style reference for thearticle thatyou areabstracting (Notall ofthe referencesare inAPA styles;be sureto checkthat thisis correct,or youwill losepoints).
Summarize the thesis or main idea of this article in one or two clear and concise sentences. You mightaccomplish thisby beginningyour sentencewith, “The author(s) argued that…”You will be penalized if your abstract exceeds 2-pages.

Listthree mainpoints fromthe chapteror thearticle. Theseshould betwo to three sentences each. (Yourgoal isto giveother studentsthe benefitof yourevaluation ofthe material).

Analyzethe articleusing thefollowing headings:
Whatare theresults and/orconclusions?
Howdo thesepoints relateto thetopics andthemes addressedin classwork?
Brieflydiscuss thearticle’s strengthsand weaknesses.

Thanks to Professor Vern Bengtson

The following link is to the Purdue University APA reference site:… rmat.html

The written abstract and the presentation must be from the same article.

Written Abstract: to be written in the format shown above.

Narrated PowerPoint presentation: should be based on the written abstract 5-10 slides in length and take no more than 10 minutes

It is important that students not just read the slides in the narration. They should be prompts to guide your topic. I will deduct points if you simply read the slides. I want to know what you got out of the article you are presenting.

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