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Astronmy lab Assignment at an Affordable Cost


Attached File Instructions.

PLEASEE!!  DO NOT submit a lab from, PROFESSOR has pdf in his possession and it compare.


Stellarium Lab Instructions

In the lab portion of this class you will use the freeware software, Stellarium (find download links below)

Each lab document has text boxes for your answer (YOU MUST ENTER YOUR ANSWERS IN THESE TEXT BOXES)

1. Download the lab document to you computer.
2. Open the document using MS WORD or compatible software.
3. Complete all required portions of the lab
4. Upload your completed lab document using the link for that assignment.
5. Label your your uploaded lab as: JSmith_Lab1.doc, as an example

You can use the discussion board set up to discuss issues with the lab or email your instructor directly.

A detail explanation for each action is available via the stellarium wiki. We will be exploring many of the functions through each successive lab:

Most keyboard functions are the same for Windows/Linux machines as they are for Macs.
However, to access the Function keys (example: F4, or F6) you must use your fn key in conjunction with the function keys (fn+F6)

Most mac keyboards do not have a page up or down button, however using the arrow keys performs the same function, as does the command key as a substitute for the CTRL key in Windows machine or a right click. (command+click)

Stellarium Lab Links

Stellarium Lab Links

See the Stellarium Introduction Video below…

Stellarium Walkthrough Video

Required Software:

*Microsoft WORD and EXCEL or other current word processor and spreadsheet program

*Stellarium (Free program downloaded from www. used for Home Laboratory Assignments.

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