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Attribution Theory & Behavior Essay


Interpret one of the story lines using both attribution theory and mindset theory.PurposeLearning activities provide a low-stakes opportunity for students to engage deeply in the learning content.Requirement(s)Generate a 300-400 word statement or 3-4 minute video summary.AssessmentRubric


Pick one of the two following story lines (i.e., either the animated video or the comic) and interpret it using both attribution theory and mindset theory:

Animated Video: Soar

Comic: Pearls Before Swine

"The large train needed to be pulled over the mountain. 'We cannot do it,' said the big engines, 'It is too hard.' 'I will do it,' volunteered the tiniest train in the train yard. The larger trains laughed at the tiny train. 'You cannot do it,' they said. 'I can try my best,' said the tiny train. So the tiny train pulled and pulled with all his might and soon the large train started to move. The other trains were amazed. 'I think I can. I think I can,' said the tiny train to himself as he slowly moved up the mountain pulling his large load. 'I know I can! I know I can!' shouted the tiny train as he reached the summit. Then a massive landslide destroyed the train." Goat: You are not putting this in a children's book. Rat: 'So remember, kids, luck and timing are much more important than personal effort.' Pig: I will never try again.

Explanation & Answer: 500 words

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