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Automatic Brain Video Reflection assignment at an affordable cost


Part 1: The Automatic Brain (1): The Magic of the Unconscious (52min – incl. cc)     

Part 2: The Automatic Brain (2): The Power of Unconsciousness (52min – incl. cc)   

Instructions: Part 1 and Part 2:

Step 1: Watch both documentaries, and then type a reflection paper ( approx. 1 page for each documentary – Separate and label the documentaries clearly).
Step 2: As you are watching the documentaries make notes of ideas and concepts presented throughout both – pick 2 ideas/concepts from each documentary).
Step 3:  In your reflection paper, begin each Part by offering a title (mentioning the idea/concept) for each idea/concept. Discuss the idea/concept as you understood it and offer at least 2 ways you could incorporate or already are incorporating each of these ideas/concept in your life. Or … offer situations in your own life where they apply or could apply.

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