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Neuropsychological outcomes for bacterial meningitis


Focus on the bacterial aspect of the meningitis, including the physiology and the genetic traits that lead to the disease and what it is, how is it made or generated, what is does to the body, ways to treat it and a conclusion 
Arial font, 11 pointSingle-spaced with 1-inch marginsEvery page must be numbered.It is expected that your proposal will be 8 pages max. The cover page and references are not included in this 8-page restriction. Cover Page: Name and proposal titleIntroduction: 2-3 pages: Describe the background of the problem. Include references!!Objectives: 1 page max: State the hypothesis you would want to test and 2-3 objectives that will help you to either accept or reject the hypothesisMethods: 2-3 pages: Describe in brief detail key experiments that you would use to meet your objectives outlinesInterpretation of results and alternative strategies: At least ½ page. Describe for each objective how the methods related to that objective will be interpreted. What if the results turn out differently? What if you have technical problems? What are your alternative interpretations or experiments would you use?Timeline: ½ page. Describe how long it will take you to accomplish each objective.References: No page limit

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