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Whats the legacy of Barack Obama presidency?


This topic statement will help you guide you in your research. It is a description of the topic subject you are interested in, what questions you are interested in answering and a tentative plan for what you may do.First you must identify your subject, e.g. the legacy of Barack Obama, and then briefly describe his presidency including the highlights of his achievements and accomplishments. Second you must explain what research question drives the paper and how you propose to go about finding answers to that question.You will use your topic statement description to help you decide on the types of sources you will include in your annotated bibliography (to be submitted next week). The topic statement allows you to take advantage of any advice I may have for you before you go ahead with your research and source collection for the bibliography. The final product should be approximately 1 page in length (a little longer is ok, but you won’t need 2 full pages). That gives you ample space to describe your general topic and a question and explain how you plan on answering that question.An example starting question related to President Obama’s legacy: “What was the signature achievement of Obama’s presidency?” You could then focus your question further, to a specific policy, executive order, law or appointment which occurred during his tenure (e.g., the Affordable Care Act), or discuss how the LGBTQ community was affected by his positions; or how diverse was his cabinet

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