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Beijing Population Discussion assignment at an affordable cost


Format: Please double-space and use a 12-pt font or larger. Please combine the 3 Deliverables and attach as one “.docx” or PDF.  

Based on weekly monitoring of the issue (for 10 weeks) you will make a record of the situation as it develops. This will require you to:

  • Select one relevant news story per week that discusses the ongoing nature of your topic. The story must have been originally published during that week. Be sure to use a range of reputable sources to decrease bias. For example, don’t only read or view stories from CBC News, or only from Al Jazeera.
  • Create a summary of the article – in your own words.
  • Provide thoughtful commentary regarding the articles’ subject matter. This is a chance for you to convey your thoughts, ideas and opinions. Be critical, thoughtful, and wherever possible relate your commentary to relevant course readings, learning materials, and/or discussions.

You will need to create ten entries (based on ten different articles) – again, that document the ongoing nature of your selected environmental issue.

Once you have completed the ten entries you need to create a final summary/conclusion.  While there is no word minimum or maximum you may want to aim for approximately 250 words. 

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