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Being Mortal Atul Gawande Discussion

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Answer the questions regarding the Being Mortal video. (max 2 pages)

Being mortal

  1. What is Atul Gawande’s background?
  2. What are the two unfixables?
  3. How did Dr. Gawande describe his care for Sara who had lung and thyroid cancer? What did he regret?

4. What type of physician was Dr. Nayak? What type of news does she deliver?

5. What feelings did Bill Brooks’ case spark for you?

6. What medication was Bill given to help with the edema in his brain due to his tumors?

8. Are oncologists trained to deliver new about end of life?

9. What happened to Dr. Gawande’s family?

10. Where did Jeff Shields want to spend the end of his life? Was he given false hope?

11. How did you feel when Jeff spoke with his grandson about his prognosis? 

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