May 13, 2022 Uncategorized

Being Transgender Is Not a Mental Illness Reflection



1. Take on the perspective of a transgender child, consider what the world would look like to you meaning would you feel safe, would you feel accepted, would you feel lost, would you feel rejected, would you feel hopeful or would you feel hopeless. Next consider what support you would need from your family and community.

2. Take on the perspective of the parent of a transgender child, consider the range of emotions you would experience, consider the grief you would have over your child not being as you had dreamed of, considered how your extended family and friends would or would not support your child, consider the amount of stigma and misinformation surrounding your child’s gender identity. What skills, resources, education, support would you need for yourself.

3. Now put both perspectives together and asses what you would do as the counselor to support this family.…………

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