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Benjamin Franklin Questions assignment at an affordable cost

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I’m working on a history multi-part question and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.

Here are your three questions that you need to answer. Each one should be 200-250 words

Don’t use the internet to answer the question, use the video lectures that I provided down below…………

Here are the questions you can address:

1. Read the selected list of Benjamin Franklin quotations from the Word file in the Discussion Board module. From the list, elaborate what is your favorite quote(s) that carries deep meaning mean for you. How does it reflect your life philosophy? Or does it bring a new understanding to your life? Or do you just admire this quote or its wit and observance of life?

2. As one of the key historical questions in studying U.S. History, what do you believe are the origins of the American Revolution? Often times we think political revolutions occur because of dissatisfaction with the current government, economic or social inequalities, or the government’s brutal or repressive measures. Do you believe any of these explanations apply to the American Revolution? Or rather is this a Revolution born out of anger toward taxation? The British government limiting acknowledged or implicit political rights? Fears of living under an imperial system? An emerging separate identity as an American rather than a British subject? Or just a natural feeling of physical separation across the Atlantic Ocean between Britain and the colonies? You may chose and support any of these possibilities or you defend a position of your own. Be sure to write your view clearly because other students can reply to agree or challenge your position.

3. In the Declaration of Independence, Thomas Jefferson wrote the enduring and often repeated phrase “all men are created equal.” Yet many debate the intended meaning or shortcomings of that phrase. Critics point out that when written in 1776 the phrase rings hollow because slavery existed, accentuated more because Jefferson himself was a slaveowner. Therefore, critics cite this phrase as actually hypocritical. Yet, others interpret the phrase as an abstract ideal. They argue that that maybe not everything was socially and politically equal in 1776, but every generation would strive to assess what is unequal in American society and work to change it. In other words, because of this phrase, issues of equality has always been at the center of our political discourse and pursuits. Write a post on what you believe was the intent and purpose of the equality phrase from the Declaration of Independence. Furthermore, how should we interpret and apply the phrase, written back in 1776, today in our present time?

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