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Bipartisan Legislation Environmental Regulation Discussion


For this Discussion Forum, I want us to analyze domestic responsibility towards asylum-seekers, environmental waste accountability, and social movement industries. The questions for this forum are based on the following chapter sections, also available on the Module Content: Week 7 page:

Your original post should answer each of the following questions, with at least 5 sentences per answer.


  1. Based on Chapter 20.1: Does the United States of America have a responsibility towards asylum-seekers, why or why not? Does the age of the individual or the reason for their need affect their eligibility for asylum (i.e. someone under the age of 18 or someone escaping violence in their native country)? Support your argument with cited evidence from the textbook.
  2. Based on Chapter 20.3: Should the responsibility of waste management fall on the companies that produce products, like vape pens or clothes, or the consumers who purchase these products? Would your own habits change if you were financially liable for your waste, such as per-item recycling fees? Lastly, after reading this chapter, will you change the way you approach usage and manage your waste habits? In your answers, use and cite information from the textbook.
  3. Based on Chapter 21.2: Define ‘social movement industry’. Next, name at least one social movement organization that deals with a cause that is important to you (briefly detailing why this movement matters to you). How does this social movement organization seek to engage you? Which techniques do you respond best and why? Support your argument with cited evidence from the textbook. When you conduct external research, such as Google, please use and cite this information.

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