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Black Lives Matter Social Movement Essay

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1. identify the cause or social movement that you would like to work on. I recommend picking a cause or movement that is local or personal to you. Tie it to your major, career, or personal experiences. Identify one (or more, if you choose) organizations connected to this cause/social movement. Provide brief background information. 

2.Create a flyer for a hypothetical event for your cause/social movement. Include the type of event and key information for participants. Possible types of events include: protest, march, boycott, sit-in, walk-out, or candlelight vigil.

In a brief paragraph, explain why you chose the format, date, time, and location. Who is likely to participate in your event (students, neighbors, a specific demographic such as “women” or “teens,” etc.)? How were your decisions for planning the event part of a recruitment strategy? Which social movement theory are you engaging to recruit for this event? 

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