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I have difficulty with placing my ideas on paper. My work needs a full transformation before pitching

I would like the following ideas incorporated in my tekst below. I would like to start an organization called bookmax in Europe. Bookmax will be an organization with similar ideas of a library meets udemy and skillshare. So it is to be a real building with its own online learning platform. It is aimed for college and university students ( target group). The organizations goal is to provide top quality for a small fee (with the backing of private organizations donations. It will be aimed to help minority groups. )

I already have backing from some groups however now I just need a clear explanation of how this all will be done.

-The about us needs rewriting with the main purpose in mind.

– The style guide is basic and needs a major upgrade. For my interns to fully work with and keep up the organizations website.

– It needs to be clear how I will reach students. Which social media I will use.

– I need to incorporate more SEO. More than just the basic keywords I currently have.

– My company voice needs to be more present in this whole plan. With examples of how we at bookmax talk.

– The brandvoice needs to be unique for students inviting yet professional.

– also add in references if you use.

I need major amendments before I get the green light to proceed with my business plan.

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