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Board of Directors Report assignment at an affordable cost

Board of Directors Report – Instructions

Team Assignment This is a Taskstream assignment. If your completed common assessment is not submitted through Taskstream you will receive a 10% deduction on your assignment grade.

The Board of Directors Report will be a written recap and analysis of the Mike’s Bikes simulation. The paper will include the best practices of the company relevant to theories from the textbook and any additional topics discussed throughout the course. Each team member must contribute to the research and paper. The paper should include background information on the team’s company, company’s best practice, strengths, weaknesses, threats, analysis, evaluation, forecasts, and recommendations. The paper will conclude with a forecast and recommendations for continued success of the group’s company and an analysis of the company’s strengths and weaknesses.

Team components should include an overview of your performance, the rationale behind the decisions made by the team and the lessons learned during the process (i.e. what did we do well, what did we do poorly, what would we do differently). The report should include a complete set of financial statements encompassing the entire simulation (Cash Flow, Balance Sheets, and Income Statements are required). Here’s an observation – a great performance in the game doesn’t necessarily equate to a great report. Conversely, a poor game performance doesn’t always translate to a bad report. This exercise is about your ability to tell your story in an informative and compelling way. The paper must be in APA format. Proper, thorough documentation using APA citation is critical. Thus, the sources of all ideas, information, statistics, data, quotations, or other material must be cited using in-text citations and must be included on the references page.

The paper is to be approximately 20-24 pages including the financial statements but Baker University School of Professional and Graduate Studies Copyright © 2021-2022 – 4 – not including the works cited. Usually the breakdown is 10-12 pages of narrative, plus another 12 pages or so of financials.

Mike’s Bikes Simulation Overview – This course is the capstone of the MBA program, where students utilize and synthesize data, information, and tools garnered during MBA coursework. Mike’s Bikes is used to assess students’ critical and analytical-thinking skills and decision-making abilities regarding numerous areas in the development, planning, and structuring of a business. Groups compete, beginning with identical companies and an identical product.

Each round of decisions becomes more complex, and groups launch a new product. Each group must make a full set of corporate decisions that include promotion expenditures, product selection and specifications, production quantity and capacity, plant efficiency and quality, capital structure, earnings per share, debt to equity ratio, and dividend policy. Baker University School of Professional and Graduate Studies Copyright © 2021-2022 – 3 –

The winner is the group creating the highest shareholder value, defined as market share price plus cumulative dividend payments. Groups risk going bankrupt with an unsuccessful product launch or serious errors. In winning the game, financial strategies are as critical as product marketing and operational strategies. A winning group typically has a successful product launch, excellent demand forecasting ability, a thorough understanding of capacity planning and inventory management, and strategies to drive share price as high as possible. These can include launching additional products, improving existing products, managing capacity, implementing cost controls, and using cash to repurchase shares, pay debt, or pay dividends.

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