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Boeing, INC milestone 3 Assignment at an Affordable Cost

Milestone #3 see (HIGHLIGHTED)

Attached are milestones #1 and #2 for reference.

This is a continuation

Option #2 of the Portfolio Project, due in week 8 of the class, consists of a strategic audit of Boeing, Inc. The purposes of this audit are to:

  • describe the company’s recent past and current operating context,
  • analyze the current operating context using strategic management tools, and
  • develop strategy recommendations to gain a competitive advantage.

The topic development throughout the class is shown below.

Milestone/PortfolioWeek DueTopics
#12Current Operating Context – past corporate performance indexes, strategic posture
#24Revised Current Operating Context, SWOT Analysis Part 1: Corporate governance, external environment opportunities and threats,
#36Revised SWOT Analysis Part 1, SWOT Analysis Part 2: internal environment strengths and weaknesses
#4: Final Portfolio Paper8Revised SWOT Analysis Part 2, Analysis, Alternatives and Recommendations

Milestone #3

This week you will complete Milestone #3. This milestone paper consists of two parts:

  1. Revisions to (a) the current operating context from week 2 and (b) revisions to the company’s corporate governance and external environment threats and opportunities from week 4 based on instructor feedback.- Already Complete
  • A new section about the company’s internal environment focused on its strengths and weaknesses.

Your paper should include the following topics using APA headings. These should also be reflected in the updated Appendix A in your paper:

  1. Current Operating Context
    1. Past corporate performance indexes
    1. Strategic posture
      1. Current mission
      1. Current objectives
      1. Current strategies
      1. Current Strategic Policies
  2. Corporate Governance
    1. Board of Directors
    1. Top Management
  3. External Environment Opportunities and Threats
    1. Natural Environment
    1. Societal Environment
    1. Task Environment (Industry Factors)
  4. Internal Environment Strengths and Weaknesses
    1. Corporate Structure
    1. Corporate Culture
    1. Corporate Resources
      1. Marketing
      1. Finance
      1. Research and Development
      1. Operations and Logistics
      1. Human Resources
      1. Information Technology
  5. Appendix A: Strategic Audit Worksheet.

Please update both your narrative and your Appendix A by responding to the Corporate Governance and External Environment questions shown in Appendix 1.A, You will perform research to find the answers to these questions. Respond to as many of these questions as possible so that you obtain a complete picture of company operations.

Your paper should:

  • Be 6 to 8 pages in length, not including the required appendix, title or references pages.
  • Be formatted according to APA 7 style.
  • Include at least ten scholarly articles, peer-reviewed articles, or other professional sources listed in Appendix 13.A.
  • Include a title page, section headers, introduction, conclusion, reference page, and appendix.
  • Use headings to indicate the topic areas. Do not repeat the questions from Appendix 1.A in the class text.
  • Follow Figure 13-1 in the class text for your Appendix A using the appropriate rows for each week’s submission. For each week you should include the rows based on the topics covered and the columns should include Analysis with positive and negative factors as well as any summary comments you might want to make. You will develop the complete table as you move through the class.
  • Positive factors are strengths and negative factors are weaknesses.

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