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Borax Crystal Snowflake Physical Properties

Borax Crystal Snowflake Physical Properties and Recrystallization Lab Questions


Please be prepared to take photos of your borax (or sugar) crystal (1 total)

NOTE: If you cannot find borax, use sugar or table salt.  If you are using a substitute for borax, the crystal growth will take longer. Also, if you are using a substitute, make sure no solids remain on the bottom of the jar. The substance must be completely dissolved.

Here are photos and steps also!

Step 1: Cut a pipe cleaner into thirds

Step 2: Create your snowflake “skeleton” and wrap the two pieces around the first piece. 

Step 3: Tie the snowflake with a string to a pencil (approximately measure the height of the string so that the snowflake is above the bottom of the glass). I’ve added two here since my jar was bigger – you don’t have to. 

Step 4: Boil enough water so that you have enough to fill your mason jar (or analogous glass container)

Step 5: After the water reaches boiling, turn off stove and slowly (table spoon by table spoon), stirring constantly, and keep adding until you you get to a point where when you add a tablespoon it won’t dissolve. 

Step 6: CAREFULLY pour the warm liquid in the mason jar with your snowflake inside. Feel free to add food coloring if you like! ( I poured mine over my sink, this will be a HOT solution, so please be careful).

Step 7: Leave it alone, undisturbed, for a minimum overnight. 

Step 8: Take a picture of your snowflake! 

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