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Boston Children Hospital Assignment at an Affordable Cost

Choose an organization (Boston Children Hospital) to use as a case study on the management practices used within that organization.
You will choose an organization that you will be able to find enough information about. The organization should also be one that has achieved excellence in some way, and has management practices that are admirable. The size of the company is not of major significance. You may choose a non-profit, a for-profit, or a public company. Be sure to choose a company that you will be able to find enough valuable, pertinent information about. If you need help selecting a company, you could browse the Wall Street Journal, Fortune, or Business Week for ideas.

The objective of this exercise is to compile a case study of the organization’s management planning, leading, organizing, and controlling (the four functions of management) aspects. You should examine each of these components on a fact basis, and then give your interpretation and analysis, as well as your recommendations. You should focus on how the functions of management have resulted in successes or failures for the organization.

Since this assignment will require outside research, please be sure to thoroughly review and understand the plagiarism handbook. You may use the internet, library resources, the organization’s annual report and/or financial data that you are able to obtain.

Presentation: Instead of writing a (boring) paper, think of something creative!
Create a voice-over PowerPoint from the angle of teaching someone about the four functions of management in the organization of your choice.
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The margin is a 1.5 for a word document

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