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Paper 4 = 6-8 page Argumentative Synthesis (a.k.a. the
Research Argument Paper).

Consider topics that interest you but that you aren’t already an expert on. I suggest topics that are currently in the
news; choose one that you are interested in but haven’t already formed a firm opinion about.
(No papers on abortion, please. I’ve also had my fill of papers on gun control or whether college
athletes should be paid.) Come up with a Research Question rather than picking something
you’ve already decided on or feel so strongly about that you would never change your mind
about even if you find sources that counter your argument. Consider an audience that needs to
hear your findings. Develop your argument based on your research. Your paper will argue a
thesis and use your research as evidence.
The paper will include an introduction that hooks the reader, explains the issue, and proposes
an argument. The body paragraphs will provide evidence to prove the argument and disprove,
or limit, any counterarguments. There must also be a conclusion that restates the thesis (but
not word for word, please) and takes it a step further. There will be numerous graded draft
checks (1 for proposal, 4 points for drafts) as we work through the research paper step by step.
Use the MLA or APA citation format explained in the textbook for citing quotations and for
organizing your Works Cited page.
This paper must be 6-8 pages, not including the Works Cited page. You must use a minimum
of 5 scholarly sources that are cited in the final draft of the research paper. Use the library
databases to find your sources.Attached is a briefing memo I wrote with the overall tone and message I am going for.

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