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Business Contract Law Discussion assignment at an affordable cost


Please respond to Sarah

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Chapter 8 Discussion: Should Pam pay for the hand car wax?

Pam takes her car to the All Clean Car Wash and watches the employees mistakenly give her car a special $30 hand wax treatment rather than the $5 spray wax she requested. In your initial post, explain if Pam is legally obligated to pay All Clean the extra $25

Please respond to Sarah

Hello Class, 

I think that she is to pay for the new charges due to the fact that she watched it and did not intervene to stop it which could be an acceptance of the charges accrued by work completed. Although if she watched and did not know that the extra work being done was not part of the service then how would she know to stop it and stop from being charged the extra work. However it is the mistake of the car wash business and thus if she fails to pay would be a loss for them due to the fact that they completed the work without the consent of Pam for the additional charges. Per our class  book Business Law and the Legal Environment ch 8 sec 3.  teach pledges to do something, and each is the recipient of such a pledge. This type of contract is called a bilateral contract. I believe this to be a bilateral contract.