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Business Law Questions Assignment at an Affordable Cost

Include double spacing and citations

  1. Historically, the law has viewed animals as personal property. As a result, when a pet is
    wrongfully killed, its owner can only recover the cost of replacing the animal. Some groups have
    challenged this view, arguing that animals are fundamentally different from other forms of
    personal property. Do you agree? How should the law address the ownership of animals?
  2. After a baseball game, Randy cannot find his car in the stadium parking lot. For the life of
    him, he cannot remember where he parked. He wanders down row after row for an hour, and
    then another hour. Eventually, he gives up and calls a cab. Is Randy’s car lost, abandoned, or
    mislaid? If Randy never returns to reclaim the car, who owns it?
  3. If there has been no account activity for an extended period of time, state laws require banks to
    turn the customers’ property over to the state. State treasurers or comptrollers are responsible for
    holding the abandoned or lost property, which often includes money, watches, jewelry, and rare
    coins from abandoned safe deposit boxes. What rules should govern this property? How long
    should citizens have to claim it? What should the government do with unclaimed property?

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