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Business Organization Worksheet assignment at an affordable cost


1. Discuss how power shapes corporate culture and influences employees’ behavior. Provide examples of each of the five power bases.

2. Compare and contrast centralized and decentralized organizations. Explain how organizational structures influence ethical behavior in organizations.

3. Discuss different types of groups in organizations and how it influences employee behavior in the organizations.

5. Discuss how different national and organizational cultures and distinctive beliefs about what business activities are acceptable or unethical influence global business transactions.

6. Hofstede identified four cultural dimensions that can have a profound impact on the business environment, discuss each of them

7.What is risk compartmentalization?

8.Now that we are faced with a global pandemic that is tremendously affecting our lives, how do you think it is affecting businesses, our lives as employees, and global business?

9.What are the differences between rational economics and behavioral economics.

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