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Bussiness Proposal Assignment at an Affordable Cost


You are in charge of business development for a real not-for-profit organization. You must write a business proposal to a public or private agency promoting one of your organization’s services. The intent of your proposal is to convince the agency to contract with your organization for that service. The written proposal must include, at minimum, the following sections in the appropriate order:

  • Abstract
  • Appendix A
  • Budget
  • Conclusion
  • Expected Results/Benefits
  • Organizational Background/Qualifications
  • Problem/Need
  • Project Description
  • Project Schedule
  • Table of Contents
  • Title/Cover Page

You must also give a four-minute oral presentation in class with the purpose of convincing the agency’s leaders (your classmates) to support your request. In the oral presentation, you must correctly use at least one rhetorical device. Your presentation must also utilize at least one digital or hard copy aide (i.e. PowerPoint presentation, poster, hand-out, etc.).

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