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Caribbean People and Culture Discussion


Week 2 Assignments due:

1. Read Chapter 1 in our course book, Introduction to the Caribbean: Diversity, Challenges, Resiliency

2. By 11:59pm, Saturday, complete Part 1 of the Week 2 Discussion Assignment:

We Are Still Here: Caribbean Indigenous Peoples

After reading Chapter 1 of our course book, view the program below presented by the Jamaica Center for Arts and Learning in December of 2020. Please be patient at the beginning of the video as there is a slight delay to the start of the program. As you listen, consider the following:

A. What themes and concerns are echoed between the Program and the Chapter? Discuss 3.

B. What actions do the discussants discuss as important to maintaining and enhancing Caribbean Indigenous social and cultural contributions in the Twenty-First Century? Discuss 3. 

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