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Outline – Organ Donation Euthanasia

1) Title Slide

2) Body Slide 1: Defining Organ Donation Euthanasia

    A) Definition

    B) Differentiating from Organ Donation after Euthanasia

3) Body Slide 2: Arguments for Organ Donation Euthanasia – Utility

    A) Maximizes Utility By Increasing Organs Recovered from Donors and Increases Quality

    B) Discuss the Science of Organ Donation and Transplantation That Explains This Increased Utility

4) Body Slide 3: Arguments for Organ Donation Euthanasia – Autonomy

    A) Define the Bioethics Principle of Respect for Patient/Bodily Autonomy

    B) Argue that This Principle Requires Us to Honor a Patient’s Wish if They Decide to Pursue Organ Donation Euthanasia

5) Body Slide 4: Arguments against Organ Donation Euthanasia – Dead Donor Rule

    A) Define Dead Donor Rule

    B) Discuss the Existence of This Ethical Norm in Transplantation and Why the Dead Donor Rule is Against Organ Donation Euthanasia

6) Body Slide 5: Arguments against Organ Donation Euthanasia – Trust and Public Perception

    A) Discuss How Public Trust and Perception in Organ Donation is Key to Ensuring High Rates of Willing Donors

    B) Discuss the Numerous Myths and Misconceptions of Organ Donation That Many Times Deter Organ Donation

    C) Argue that Organ Donation Euthanasia Could Harm Public Trust and Perception in  Organ Donation and Create More Myths/Misperceptions

7) References Slide (Need to List at Least Five Professional References and the Course Text)

8) Opinion Slide

    A) Argue that While Individual Cases of Organ Donation Euthanasia are Perfectly Ethically Supportable, It Should Not be Widespread

    B) Argue that This Would Increase Distrust in Organ Donation and Lead to Fewer Willing Donors

    C) Connect with Utilitarianism and Argue that This Practice Would Decrease Overall Utility

9) Conclusion Slide

    A) Briefly Review All Points and Opinion on Final Slide

10) Discussion Questions

    A) Is It Ethical to Connect Euthanasia and Organ Donation in This Way?

    B) Would This Practice Lead to Distrust in the Organ Donation System?

    C) Should the USA Implement This Practice on a Widespread Basis?

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