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CASUAL or PROPOSAL ARGUMENT Assignment at an Affordable Cost



Choose one topic from either of the list below:

Casual Argument

How career patterns affect professional achievement and income

Psychological influences of smartphones on people who have grown up with them

Proposal Argument

College should allow students to pay tuition on a month-by-month basis

College athletes should be paid for the entertainment they provide

How to construct your research paper:

  • If you have chosen to write a topic from the “Casual Argument” list, follow the guidelines on page pp. 272–277
  • If you have chosen to write a topic from the “Proposal Argument” list, follow the guidelines on page 300–305


Write a 1000-word (about 3 FULL pages double-spaced) research paper that critically examines the argument topic selected above. Writing a few lines per paragraph will not make it a 4-page essay. Any essay shorter than minimum length will be returned, unread, to you. Works Cited will be the last page, and will not apply to page count. Assignment must be typed in APA format, 12-point type, double spaced, with one-inch margins. Employ a standard font (Times Roman, Helvetica, and Arial are all acceptable). Check your spelling and punctuation. Final papers must be submitted in WORD format.

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