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CAUTI care bundle Work Schedule

You will actively engage in strategically planning for and managing a planned change project within the scope of your current professional role. You will identified Catherer Assossciated urinary Infection(CAUTI) a specific problem or need to serve as the foundation for a faculty-guided capstone experience. Project-related experiences are integrated throughout the course, and will involve application of strategic planning and management processes.

As you consider the activities necessary to implement your (CAUTI Care Bundle) project, you will find many similarities between the “planning and implementation” phases of the nursing process and the “work schedule” used to guide the capstone project. In both cases, these steps serve as an action plan to direct specific activities and tasks that will facilitate achieving a specific outcome. The work schedule serves as a dynamic plan to communicate the activities and tasks that are necessary to perform to successfully achieve your project outcome(CAUTI Care Bundle).

Upon successful completion of the course material, you will be able to:

Create a work schedule to facilitate achievement of the project outcome.
Implement the activities of your strategic plan necessary to complete the capstone project.
Textbook: Fundamentals of Project Management by Heagney. J
File: Work Schedule Tool.docx
Background Information
As discussed in Workshop One, the planned change process is rather iterative in nature, with dynamics that are organic rather than static. For this reason, we tend to think of a planned change project as a work in continual process. With each workshop, you will polish and fine-tune aspects of your plan as part of the learning process. Each facet of the planned change process will be unpacked, examined, and critically applied to your capstone project. As you advance in the course, each workshop will bring an opportunity to carefully reflect upon and streamline your work.

In the previous workshops, you carefully considered multiple factors that affect the change process. A thorough examination of stakeholders, SWOT analysis, financial implications, and external influencing factors afforded an opportunity to polish your problem statement and corresponding plan for evaluation.

This week, you will build on those foundational tasks and focus on developing a detailed work schedule for the tasks(CAUTI Care Bundle)and activities.

In the Fundamentals of Project Management textbook, read chapters 7,8, and 9.
Revisit the capstone work you completed in Workshops One and Two, as well as the instructor feedback that you received regarding the strategic plan and/or the capstone project.
Download the file Work Schedule Tool.docx. Using the Work Schedule Tool, create a work schedule for your capstone project. Be sure to include the specific activities and tasks that are necessary to achieve the capstone outcome, as well as the target date or range of time designated to implement those activities/tasks. Please note that some of your activities may have already taken place, and that is perfectly fine.

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