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Child Birth Discussion assignment at an affordable cost

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  1. Part 1 – Discussion Post: This post should be a minimum of 3-4 paragraphs
    • Discuss the following questions about your own experience or interview 1 person about their birth experience to discuss & describe the following:
      1. Discuss Stage 1 of the birth experience including, what happened, how long it took, method used (discuss the method from the chapter and describe it & why the method was used) & who was present (coach, father, family members, dula, etc).
      2. Discuss Stage 2 of the birth experience. Include, what happened, how long it took, & other related details.
      3. Discuss any details remembered about stage 3.
      4. If C-Section was used, explain & discuss what happened & why it was used. If C-Section was not used, explain why it was not needed.
      5. Describe & discuss the procedures used to assess the newborn.
      6. Was mother able to breast feed after the birth? Why or why not? Discuss the experience & why or why not the infant was breastfed.
      7. Discuss any important experiences about the child birth including any difficulties before during or after the child’s birth.
      8. Discuss & identify at least 1 context of development related to the child’s birth you discussed. For example, for the historical context, how did the time in history when the child was born influence the birth? Or, for cultural context, did the family traditions influence the choice of child birth method used? if so, how?
      9. There are no links required for this discussion post. Links that can help with this assignments……

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