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Childhood Environment: Childhood Home Environment

Childhood Environment: Childhood Home Environment and Attachment Style Effects of Mental Health and Attachment in Adulthood

InstructionsI need a total of 6-8 pages for this final paper. I already have the draft with all the materials needed.I’ve provided 10 sources which I’ve cited 3 or 4 already I believe in some of my paragraphs What needs work: Abstract, Introduction, Discussion -I need all 10 sources cited in text – IMRD paper Requirements that need to be met 

ADo I have a strong Introduction that includes a clear argument with subpoints, relevant background, and a roadmap?
BDo I include Methods with details on research design and execution, drawing from psychological vocabulary and concepts? (Analysis; voice)
CDo I provide Results that draw from comprehensive literature research (10 scholarly sources) as well as some interview or survey data, applying such evidence to support my analytical points?
DDo I undertake analysis in the Discussion, connecting my evidence and argument, highlighting the relevance of the topic to debates within childhood psychology, and drawing conclusions about the study’s limits, potential impacts, and future directions?
EDo I have development and concision (6-8 pages) with sections for Introduction, Methods, Results, and Discussion?
FDo I organize my ideas to ensure unity and coherence across the paper?
GDo I cite properly in-text using APA style, and have a properly formatted APA style bibliography?
HDo I provide clean and professional writing using an appropriate academic and psychological voice?

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