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Children’s Literature (Literature Collection) Assignment at an Affordable Cost

I need assistance in building a Children’s Literature Essay where it will be based on a book called “Dreamers” by Yuyi Morales. I am attaching a document with full instructions and details of what is needed and how it needs to be done. 
Here is a quick summary of it:

A list of resources to help guide the collection are included at the end of the assignment description. 

Identify a topic that will be the focus for a collection of children’s literature (seasons, families, music, immigration, disability, etc.)

Select children’s books that focus on the selected topic from each of the genres discussed in class:

  • Realistic fiction
  • Historical fiction
  • Poetry (find one children’s poem. you do not need an entire collection of poetry)
  • Fantasy
  • Award-winning book or traditional 
  • 2 nonfiction texts (including but not limited to informational, biography, autobiography)

Make sure that the books have a wide representation of characters and authors from diverse backgrounds. If you are choosing a topic specific to a racial or cultural background, make sure to consider representation of gender in your collection.

For each book, include the following in paragraph format

  • APA documentation of the book
  • 1 – 2 sentence summary of the book
  • Identification of the theme
  • Discussion of language devices and elements of literature
  • Explanation of how the book discusses the selected topic, including the use of illustrations

For the collection, include the following:

A 2 – 3 page (500 – 750 words) introduction to the collection – why you chose the topic, your journey in exploring texts, an overview of what readers will find, who specifically the collection is suited for (children of a specific age range/grade, teachers, parents, etc.), and what you anticipate children will learn from the collection. 

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