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Civility in Communication Discussion

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Participation in this discussion is worth 10 points. See attached Rubric for grading details.

It’s been a rough year. The pandemic, the election, the personal challenges posed by changes to our lifestyles, work situations, and relationships have caused havoc on many fronts. Not the least of these is the lack of civil discourse in all avenues of society. From our national and world leaders to Zoom Bombers, Facebook rants, and Twitter takedowns, we seem to have lost the ability to listen, respond, and interact with one another in ways that promote growth and positivity, rather than anger and hostility.

Chapters 7 & 8 in your book explore the nature and value of quality communication with our families, peers, colleagues, and even the public. These chapters bring together the ideas explored in our discussion of language, listening, nonverbal communication, culture, and self-concept and apply them to creating and maintaining positive, fulfilling relationships with others. However, many of the ideas expressed in these chapters and this course are antithetical to the behaviors occurring all around us during this time of unique stress and upheaval.

In this discussion space, I would like you to reflect on some of the negative communication behaviors you have observed over the past several months and the impact those have had or are having on relationships and, ultimately, our society. Explore the following questions in your response:

  • What kinds of evaluative language and other negative language behaviors have you witnessed, either in personal situations or public ones? What was/is the impact of this behavior? Try to give examples or be as specific as possible.
  • What poor listening behaviors have you observed? What was/is the impact? Again, be specific.
  • What kinds of negative, or defensive, nonverbal behaviors have you seen, particularly from those in positions of power or influence (governmental leaders, etc.)? Be specific in describing how the behavior(s) might lead to negative responses among observers or conversation partners.
  • How have people been handling conflict and disagreements? Has there been a lot of accusatory or defense-arousing behavior or have people generally been open to listening and discussing disagreements in ways that lead to positive resolutions?
  • Finally, how can we, as individuals and as a community, work toward more civil and rewarding communication (and thus, relationships)? Use some of the concepts from our course and, in particular, chapters 7-8 to support your exploration of this idea.

Remember, this is supposed to be a discussion. Your initial response should be a thoughtful reflection on all the topics above. YOu will also need to respond to at least TWO of your classmates with thoughtful, substantive feedback. But feel free to come back and respond and participate and engage as much as you want. You are not limited to talking about the topics listed above, those are just the ones I want to make sure you cover. You can discuss COVID, Conflict, and Civility in as many ways as you would like. I encourage you to come back often.

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