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Claim and Counterargument Discussions


the first discussion post :

In class this week we outlined our rubric and guidelines for the paper answering if camera usage should be a mandatory requirement in online university settings. This discussion post is a space to post your progress, thoughts, drawbacks, you might be having in writing the paper.

Answer these prompts below for weekly discussion points.
Respond to a classmate’s post for additional credit. Do you agree with any of their points, or find a point or strategy interesting/helpful?

  1. How are you approaching writing this paper (prewriting activities)? What sort of strategies are you using to outline or prepare for writing your rough draft? Has this processed changed at all from what you were approaching papers at the beginning of the year?
  2. What areas (or claims/sections of the rubric etc) of your argument do you feel most confident about, and why?
  3. What areas (or claims/sections of the rubric etc) of your argument do you feel least confident about, and why?
  4. After our further discussion on the rhetorical triangle, which area (ethos, pathos, logos) do you feel you can most strongly use to connect with your reader/build credibility?
  5. Personal thoughts: How does this assignment, it’s delivery, and requirements compare or contrast to what you are experiencing in other classes (virtual or otherwise).

the second discussion post:

Using the original article written by Karim Abdul Jabbar “Will Smith Did a Bad, Bad, Thing.” , write towards the following prompts

  1. Provide a brief summary of the piece itself
  2. How does the author use Pathos to connect with their reader? Use examples
  3. Does Karim Abdul Jabbar as a person lend ethos (credibility) to his perspective? Why or why not?
  4. Who do you think the target audience is for this piece and why?
  5. Given the claims and warrants provided in the essay, what factors do you find relevant towards understanding how the author formulated his opinion? Which would you say is primary versus secondary, and why?

the third discussion post :

Read the article “How your insecurity is bought and sold”

  1. Summarize this article in a paragraph that identifies the author’s thesis statement and the relevant ideas provided which help to inform this thesis.
  2. This article uses multiple forms of the rhetorical triangle to inform and connect with the reader. Using the example statements below, identify these components. Then evaluate the effectiveness and explain your reasoning.

    a. “When I first studied marketing, when I started my first business, I was told to find people’s pain points.

    b. “One thing I noticed over the years, is that of the thousands of people who have emailed me for advice in on for or another..”

    c. “Like the college kid who goes to college expecting to go to insano pool parties with bikini-clad women on a daily basis and is then disappointed when he feels socially awkward because he has to go to class and study hard subjects and make new friends and constantly be unsure of himself because he’s never lived on his own before.”

d. “I spent many years feeling frustrated and as though something must be inherently wrong with me.”

e. “people only buy something if they believe it will solve a problem. Therefore, if you want to sell more stuff than there are problems, you have to encourage people to believe there are problems where there are none.”

  1. In the article, the author describes what Bernays calls “the invisible government”. Explain this concept and how it ties to our insecurities. Provide a relevant example in our current society/current events.
  2. The discussion of “marketing to your insecurities” is represented in the form of advertising. In your opinion, do these insecurities exist outside of simply buying products? How can this cigarette smoking parade example be a metaphor for other social or cultural scenarios? (IE: think to our discussions on social movements, political opinions, the events we discussed in class)
  3. Do you find this author credible in their position and the argument they are making? Why or why not? What additional information did you find to help formulate your opinion?

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