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Climate Change Assignment at an Affordable Cost


Climate Change: a hot topic of interest in recent years. Investigate both sides of the issue, present an evaluation of the importance of global warming. Relate trends in the past 5-6 centuries to the geologic past. Ice cores from Antarticawhat do they tell us? Watch this video online:

1. 3 pages minimum, typewritten, double spaced; no font size larger than 12

2. title page, reference page are separate pages.

3. please place any diagrams, charts, tables on separate pages.

4. References: need a minimum of 5 different references.  Wikipedia can be cited, but it is not recognized as a scientific reference so if you use it you need 5 ADDITIONAL references

References can be published in articles, journals, books, movies, videos, etc.

2. Step 2: Find information on this topic utilizing the campus library (or any other library), periodicals, magazines, books, or any other source. You must use a minimum of 5 resource references. Two or three may be internet Version: 06/2021 2 sources, but they must have an author. Many internet information sources are anonymous and cannot be used. All sources must be referenced at the end of your paper in a legible bibliography. Wikipedia reference can be used but it is not recognized in scientific literature so you have to use at least 5 more references. 

3. Step 3: Write the paper. Use a standard format such as an English composition with an introduction, body, and summary-comment section. Note you will be using the 4 steps of the Scientific Method as a basis for structuring the paper. It must be clear, concise, and have included in it a full description/discussion of your chosen topic. The paper must be at least 3 pages long (not including references or title page), double-spaced typed, font size no larger than 12, have a cover page containing name, date, course, etc.

Bibliography Format: 

• Adams, James G. 1986. The reaction problems during radiometric dating of sedimentary strata utilizing the mineral Glauconite. Journal of the American Geological Society, volume 60:579-657. • Jones, William H. 1995. Recent findings of a new Tyrannosaurus sp. near Hell Creek Montana. American Journal of Paleontology, volume 102:1213-1224. 

• Lennox, Susan. 1997. The ‘Taming of the Shrew’? New fossil finds of early mammals show relationships of Triassic insectivores and modern mammals. Houston Chronicle, Science Section, Vol. 96 No. 313, p. C1-C5. 

• Sources include but are definitely not limited to National Geographic, Science Magazine, Science News, Scientific American, the science sections of Sunday papers, your geology textbook, or other books you may check out of the library. All sources MUST be verifiable by me. So, in your bibliography, include the full description of the book or magazine: article title or book title, author(s), volume, date, publisher, page number cited, etc. NOTE: Encyclopedias/Wikipedia do not count as scientific references! The grade made on your paper will be counted as a Major Test Grade, so do not take it lightly.

The pictures below are an example of an A for this research paper.

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