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Closing Technique Assignment at an Affordable Cost


General Description: 

you will each research a closing technique from Secrets of Closing the Sale. Each person will produce a 2-page, double-spaced document on their article describing the items below. 

Specific Instructions: For your assignment, please include (at the minimum): 

  •  †An oral/visual demonstration of closing technique,
  •  †Name/summary of closing technique
  •  †Why you picked this particular closing technique
  •  †How to use this closing technique effectively
  •  †A sample scenario using the closing technique
    Next, you will decide which of the two closing techniques to present and “teach” to the class. You will be given 3-5 minutes to present a scenario to the class in which one person will play the sales person and one person will play the buyer. The purpose is to “teach” your classmates about your closing technique. 


  • State the name of your chosen closing technique
  •  †Describe, briefly, what the technique is designed
    to accomplish (as opposed to others)
  •  †Why did you select the closing technique?
  •  †How is this technique better/worse/different than
  •  Describe, in detail, a (realistic) sample scenario (articulate the sales scenario, as well as the actions of both parties) 

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