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Closing the Gap Abstract assignment at an affordable cost



This assignment seeks to have you consider your research project in detail. While most scholars leave the writing of an abstract to the very end, this task requires you to do it up front in order to prepare you for the write up of your essay (3B). Given that the abstract is being written ‘up front’, it is okay if some details ultimately change between assignment 3A and 3B.

Abstracts sound easy to write but the truth is that the best ones have often been crafted over time and generally involve numerous iterations. The word count is small so you need to be very deliberate in what you do and do not say.

In preparing to write your abstract it is suggested that you access this file for writing suggestion an abstract (see attached file)as this will provide a solid initial structure. It is also advisable to read 4-5 academic abstracts to see the structure/s that are regularly employed by academics.

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